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How to Connect JBL Speaker to iPhone: All You Need to Know

It’s aggravating when you’re having trouble connecting your speakers to your iPhone. If you are worried about your factory speaker, you may connect an iPhone and JBL speakers to receive better sound. Whether you’re using a JBL Flip, JBL Charge, JBL Xtreme, or JBL Boombox, connecting any JBL speaker to an iPhone is fairly identical.

How to connect a JBL speaker to an iPhone?

Most JBL speakers are turned on by swiftly pushing the Power button. Press the Bluetooth button for a while and release it afterward. Find the speaker and pair your iPhone with it. Voila! Your JBL wireless speaker has now been successfully synced with an iPhone.

This essay will show you in detail, how to connect your JBL speakers to your iPhone. Simply follow these steps to link your speaker seamlessly.

Connect My JBL Speaker to iPhone: 4 Easy Steps

The procedure of connecting is simple and does not take long. All you need to do is take your JBL speaker and iPhone and follow the process.

Are you prepared with your iPhone and speaker? Let’s jump into the steps then!

Step 1 of 4: Activate Your iPhone’s Bluetooth

Simply take your iPhone and open it. To access the iPhone’s Home screen, press and hold the Home button.

You need to locate the settings app on the iOS home screen. As soon as you see the settings app, tap on it.

Firstly enable the iphone’s Bluetooth. Keep in mind that the speaker will not be included in the devices list initially as it will be switched off.

Also, if you paired this speaker before, you will find the speaker on the recently paired devices. 

As you have successfully activated the Bluetooth of your iPhone it’s time to pair up.

Step 2 of 4: Turn Your JBL Speaker On

Find the power button of the speaker. The speaker’s power button should be on the rear.

You can press on that to turn your JBL speaker on quickly. But if nothing happens make sure the speaker has enough charge to turn on.

If the speaker is properly charged it will be activated by now. The light on the power switch indicates whether or not the speaker is turned on. 

This light will also turn on if you want to connect this speaker to other JBL speakers.

Hold your horses because the iPhone is unaware of the speaker. Hence, it will not immediately connect with the speaker. 

Go through the next step to start the pairing.

Step 3 of 4: Put Your JBL Speaker into Pairing Mode

To find your speaker on your iPhone you need to turn on the discovery mode, also known as Pairing Mode. 

Press and hold the Bluetooth button for a few seconds. And then release it. This button is for the primary controls. It should be beside the multi-feature play key.

When you press the button it will play a repetitive single pluck guitar note sound multiple times. The Power button also transforms from a solid white to a flashing blue light. 

There is a solid glowing light that represents its pairing.

Step 4 of 4: Connect JBL Speaker with iPhone

You can find your JBL speaker on iPhone on recently Bluetooth paired devices. Check the Bluetooth devices list. 

In the Bluetooth Devices list, tap the listed speaker under Other Devices. After that, the iPhone’s Bluetooth Settings screen will appear. 

Your JBL wireless speaker has now been successfully synced with your iPhone. The speaker may now be used to play music. 

On specific devices, you may also make phone calls while listening to them through this speaker. The JBL Connect+ feature is available on the speakers like JBL Flip 4, JBL Xtreme 2, JBL Pulse 3, JBL Charge 4, JBL Boombox which may be linked together.

In case you are having issues connecting the speaker with your iPhone, you may consider factory restoring your speaker. Follow through with the instructions to get it done.

How to  Factory Reset Your JBL Speaker

To reset your JBL speaker you can just follow these steps.

Tap and hold the on/off key for about one second to make the speaker active.

Hold down the “Vol -” and “Bluetooth” buttons simultaneously for more than 7 seconds.

The device will flash Red, Green, and Blue lights and power down off the stage, but with the 

on/off light and the light sign-on.

The device has now been restored to its original factory settings.

By pushing the on/off button for roughly one second, you may turn off the Pulse.

When you turn your device back on, it will be reset to factory defaults. See! Resetting  soundbars and your JBL speakers is pretty easy. 

Ways to Keep Your JBL Speaker in Tip-Top Shape

Follow these maintenance suggestions to maintain your fabulous wireless Bluetooth speaker in tip-top form. It’s easy to take care of your wireless speaker, but it’s necessary if you want it to keep playing your favorite music for a long time.

Keep Your Speaker Cool

To Maintain the temperature of your speaker use a little fan that keeps the dust away and keeps your wireless Bluetooth speaker cool during periods of heavy use.

This will keep the portable Bluetooth speaker in excellent working order for a lot longer. To keep your Bluetooth Speaker Should Be Fresh follow the next suggestion.

Clean Your Bluetooth Speaker

One of the essential things to remember while cleaning your wireless Bluetooth speaker is to avoid using liquids. 

Any liquids getting into the Bluetooth speaker can damage it severely. A basic towel will be enough for wiping away dirt and other debris.

We have suggested some amazing products to clean your JBL speaker. Check them out!


Avoiding Static Electricity

It would be amusing to stomp your feet on the floor and then touch someone, giving them a small jolt. 

Doing so, on the other hand, will permanently damage your wireless Bluetooth speaker. Yeah! Try and avoid it.

Maintaining the Manual

You will get a manual when you buy a Bluetooth speaker. Cleaning and maintenance instructions for your wireless Bluetooth speaker will be included in the guidebook.

Your JBL will continue to work properly, once you follow the instructions in the manual.


Question: Why does my iPhone’s device list not Include a JBL speaker?

Answer: The key reason for this is that your JBL speaker is not now in pairing mode. First, check to see if it’s in pairing mode, which is indicated by a flashing light. To fix the pairing issue, you can reconfigure the JBL speaker. Turn your iPhone Bluetooth on and off to see if it helps.

Question: Is it possible to connect numerous JBL speakers to the same iPhone?

Answer: You can link all of your JBL speakers together and play audio if they all have the “JBL Connect” capability. You can do it yourself all by your iPhone. 

Question: How to reset your JBL speaker?

Answer: To reset the speaker, press and hold the volume up (+) and Bluetooth buttons together until the rings surrounding the buttons light up. Allow the speaker to turn off before turning it back on. You’ve already reset the speaker if the power and Bluetooth lights come on.

Final Words

That was everything you needed to know about how to connect JBL speakers to the iPhone. We hope that this will address any issues you may have had during your connection.

Make sure your wireless Bluetooth speaker is kept in a dust-free environment. 

Good Luck!