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How To Connect Vizio TV To Wi-Fi Without Remote [Answered]

The Vizio brand of televisions is an excellent choice for your living room entertainment. But, now you want to connect the TV with your Wifi and can’t find the remote to do so. 

This is a very common issue and can be solved very easily. 

How to connect Vizio TV to Wi-Fi without a remote?

To connect Vizio to wifi without a remote, you will need to use the input and volume buttons provided at the back of the TV. This isn’t a difficult task. You can use an external USB-connected keyboard. You could go for a proper factory reset.  You could also go for other methods.

In this article, we will go over all of the easy steps to connect your TV to the Wi-Fi without the remote. Hop into the article now!

Ways Of Connecting the Wifi Without The Remote

The procedure starts with a factory reset. Because then you will be able to connect the external devices to your television. So, we will go over the different procedures of connecting the wifi without the remote.

Connecting a USB Keyboard

To begin, reset the television as soon as you turn it on. Do this by switching the VOLUME DOWN and INPUT switches on your television for 5 seconds at the same time. 

The moment it is requested, switch and keep pressing the INPUT switch for a total moment of 1/6th of a minute. Afterward, connect your keyboard to any USB socket and continue the setup process with the keyboard.

As mentioned, the primary step is to perform a total factory reset on your Vizio TV set. Because you might not have your remote by your side. You will have to do what you can with the controls on your television.

Based on the device type, these controls will be the ones on the right or left side of the screen. Or they will be directly under the screen.

Assuming your television is turned on, simply press both the VOLUME DOWN button as well as the INPUT button simultaneously for approximately 5 seconds.

An instruction notice will show on the display shortly, telling you to push the INPUT switch for a total of 1/6th of a minute. Only after ten seconds have elapsed, your television can commence resetting.

Now since your Vizio TV has been reset, you can proceed to connect your USB keyboard towards the rear of the television. Both the wireless and wired keyboards will do it doesnt matter; both would function properly.

Finish the configuration by using the buttons on the keyboard and you’re done. Once you reach the network configuration page, simply enter the login details of your WiFi network and you’ll be ready to go.

So this is how you connect your WIFI to your Vizio Television if you have a USB keyboard. And now you can play as much Fortnite as you want unless there is any  Fortnite mic issue.

Connecting An Ethernet Cable Or Router 

What if you don’t really have access to a USB keyboard or a mouse but do have access to an ethernet cable? Several Vizio televisions have on the rear of the unit, an ethernet port for connection.

DO a check to make sure if your model has one of the ports or not. Please make sure that the make and model of your television are correct while checking for the buttons. To use an ethernet cable, you may attach your Vizio Television to the web.

Connect to a router or other network device using a cable. Using the ethernet cable, connect the other end straight to your router.

At this point, you can use the POWER switch located on the back of the TV to turn the TV off and on again. Now that you’ve established a cable connection, your television should automatically identify it.

The connection to the wifi should now be complete. If your router has been in close proximity to your TV, this method of connection is the most reliable. A fairly lengthy ethernet cable will be required otherwise, making the investment questionable.

And that is how you use the ethernet cable as an alternative. And now you have a perfectly good television connected to your WIFI. And you can now spend as much time as you want playing Apex Legends. Be careful of the mic issues in Apex Legends.

Using a Universal Remote

To become able to access the internet, simply follow these steps.  First and foremost, make certain that your internet connection is active and functioning correctly.  Now switch on your Vizio television.  

You’ll need to enter a special code into your universal remote to make it work with Vizio brand televisions. This code comes with your Vizio Television manual.  MENU can be accessed by the use of the universal remote.

Then choose NETWORK from the drop-down menu. Vizio TV will start searching for WiFi networks in the vicinity. Using the drop-down list, wifi network and select the username and password.

And this is how you can connect your Vizio television to the internet using a universal remote. You may not have a good universal remote. 

So, to ease your product search we would like to recommend some universal remotes:

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Smart Casting Or Smart Phone Process

If none of the previous procedures are a doable option for you, phone apps can be used. Specifically for Vizio TVs, SmartCast is an application. Use the smart cast app. This is available for Android and iOS devices. 

Using a Vizio SmartCast to replace the traditional remote control is a viable option. And the way to do it is simple. Install the Vizio SmartCast app from the app store on your smartphone or tablet computer.

If you want to use the application as a visitor, you may either register for a profile or use it as a visitor. There ought to be an option for skipping at the last part of the list.

Choose the “Select Device” option. In this case, the app will be forced to seek other devices nearby. Click on “Get Started” when you’re finished. Choose your television as the gadget with which you want to establish a connection.

When you turn on your Vizio TV, a four-digit pin appears. Straight inside the app, input this pin number. Currently, you should indeed be connected, if not, please check your internet connection. For easier WiFi setup, use your smartphone as a remote.

Alternatively, you could try downloading an alternative remote program from your smartphone. These free apps provide you the ability to manage your television without using the official remote control device.

It’s based on the system of InfraRed that they function. As a result, the “IR Blaster hack” is commonly referred to as such. This tutorial will show you how to use the IR Blaster technique to connect your Vizio TV to your home WiFi.

From the google play store, you can choose any top regarded remote app. The app will be launched. Establish the connectivity to the Vizio TV through the remote app when your WIFI is turned on and connected.

The connection code should be requested from you via your phone, and you should receive a response. You’ve got to put something in there. ideally a code. In the WiFi Menu section, you’ll discover the option to connect via WiFi.

Connect your TV to the Internet via WiFi and enjoy the experience. If you’re having trouble finding a remote app that works with your Vizio TV, you can try the SmartCast app, which is available for iOS and Android.

So, these are the procedures through which you can use your phone to connect your WIFI. So now you are free to play as much Phasmophobia without a faulty mic.

Now that you know all the basic and easy procedures of connecting your Vizio television with your WIFI, you can enjoy it.


Question: What is causing my Vizio TV not to connect to WiFi?

Answer: Select Network then Manual Setup then DHCP from the Vizio remote by pressing the Menu power button. If DHCP is currently turned off, press the right icon to enable it. The right arrow key should be used once to turn it off and then once more to switch it on if the switch is set to “ON.”

Question: What exactly is this SSID?

Answer: In the computer world, the acronym SSID refers to “Service Set Identifier.” When a data packet is transmitted, it is contained within the packet header. This identifier is used by the devices connected to the Wi-Fi network to communicate with one another over the network.

Question: As an example, what does an SSID look like?

Answer: Most of the time, manufacturers build default SSIDs by concatenating a company’s name with a random sequence of numbers or letters.


We hope this article was useful in resolving your issues. How to connect Vizio TV to wifi without remote is answered by following the instructions provided in this article. We hope that we have been of great assistance to you.

Till we arrange to meet again, best wishes!