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JBL Headphones Not Turning On: Quick Fix

JBL makes feature-packed headphones with incredible sound. The headphones are arguably best-known in the market now. But many consumers faced one problem most of the time. That is the headphones not turning on. It’s annoying when you are stuck in this problem. But is there any way to fix it?

Why are my JBL headphones not turning on?

The reasons behind my JBL not turning on might be the battery or the connectivity. Weather can also have an impact on this. But I can reset the headphones to fix it. Replacing the battery or charging it can also be a solution. I can troubleshoot my headphones to start listening again.

Have a hard time understanding? Stick with us till the end to get your JBL headphones back up and running.

Why Are My JBL Headphones Not Turning On

JBL is a popular brand in the audio industry. They come with a lot of features and great performance. But some trouble in the technical area can stop you from having a good time with these headphones. 

Before you throw your headphones in the bin and buy a new one, we want to let you know all the reasons.

Without any further ado let’s know the reasons behind your JBL not turning on!

Reason 1 of 3: Connectivity Issue 

Bluetooth or wired connectivity issues are one of the most common ones. This reason might be at the power source or your headphones. 

If you are using the wired JBL headphones then check if you have put the cable properly. Sometimes cables are inserted in the wrong way.

Do you have a bluetooth one? The bluetooth connectivity of your device might have a problem.

JBL headphones and speakers connectivity also varies on the devices. You need to know how to connect with your iphone, laptops or androids.

Reason 2 of 3: Faulty Charging Cable or Battery 

Is it possible to have a faulty battery in a brand new JBL headphones? Yes it is. 

JBL manufactures great products but it’s normal to have a factory issued battery once in a while. These batteries won’t charge and let the headphones turn on.

Your charging cable might be faulty. These cables won’t provide enough charge for your headphones to turn on.

Reason 3 of 3: Extreme Temperatures 

Extreme high or low temperatures are not ideal for batteries of your JBL headphones.

If you live in a country with extreme temperatures you might be familiar with this issue.

JBL Headphones Not Turning On: Quick Fixing Guide

Are you putting a lot of effort into turning on your JBL headphones? You don’t need to. This quick-fix guide has all the solutions to fix it.

Solution 1: Resetting The Headphones

The reset method of your headphones depends on the model. But we have compiled a general overview of resetting.

You will notice two buttons on your headphones which are ‘Volume +’ and ‘Volume -’. You need to press and hold both of the buttons simultaneously.

The LED lights of your JBL headphones will begin to blink after 10 seconds. When you see the lights blink that means you are done resetting.

This time of holding the buttons is applicable for JBL Tune and Live series. But if you own JBL Everest series or any other model we suggest you hold the buttons until lights blink.

Keep in mind that resetting your JBL headphone will erase all the connection history. You need to pair or connect again with your laptop or other device. 

Resetting did not work? Don’t freak out just yet.

Solution 2: Charging The Battery 

Have you charged your headphones enough? Drained battery is one of the causes so we need to fix it.

Firstly, connect the charger and give some time to charge up fully. Take an hour or two for this. 

Check if you have a faulty adapter or cable. We need to see if the power source can provide enough charge

Changing the charging adapter or other accessories can also help you in this process.

We have suggested some amazing charging accessories for your JBL Headphones. Check them out!


If your JBL headphones are still not charging or turning on go for the next solution.

Solution 3: Fixing The Buttons 

If your JBL headphones have loose buttons you should fix it carefully. Most of the cases the power button stops working if not pressed firmly.

The power button is usually on the left earcup. To fix the power button you need to remove the ear cushions.

Just grab the ear cushion firmly and remove it. Be careful not to damage it in any way.

You will notice three screws after opening up the cushion. Use a screwdriver to expose the internal area of the headphones.

Use a tool to push the button from the inside. A drop of WD-40 can be useful in this process. This is a special blend of lubricant to keep the inside rust and corrosion free.

Take your screwdriver and tighten all of the screws. Carefully set the ear cushions back. Take a few minutes to turn on your headphones.

Still your JBL headphone is not turning on? Troubleshooting might help.

Solution 4: Troubleshooting JBL Headphones 

If you have tried all the solutions but it’s still not turning on we need to troubleshoot.

Firstly, you need to press and hold the power button of your headphones. Hold it for 5 seconds.

Remove your hand and press the button again three times repeatedly. This will start a troubleshooting process.

After doing this hold the power button until the LED lights of your headphones start blinking.

After a few seconds your JBL headphones will automatically turn on and start functioning normally.

Last but not the least we need to check the battery of your JBL headphones if it is still not turning on.

Solution 5: Replacing The Battery

We have mentioned several solutions so that you can turn on the headphones again. But it’s not going to happen if your headphone has a faulty battery.

Firstly remove the cushion from the left ear cups of your headphones. Unscrew the three screws that are on the plastic housing. 

Remove the plastic cover carefully. Make sure not to tear any cords. 

You will see a white battery inside. Use a speculum to disconnect the battery from a little connector. 

Simply pull off the battery. After doing this, put on a new battery using glue. Connect the wire of the battery with the little connector.

After replacing the battery give some time to turn it on. When you turn on you need to pair the JBL bluetooth headphone again and see if it’s working.

We suggest you have a professional when you do this method. This method is very sensitive and needs an expert hand.

Following these methods might make your JBL headphones work again. 

That is all!


Question: Can I fix when my JBL headphone is working on only one side?

Answer: By checking the side balance you can fix it. Resetting your headphone will help in this matter. Take professional help if resetting doesn’t solve this problem.

Question: Why do my JBL headphones keep turning off?

Answer: It’s because of the battery of your headphones. If the battery doesn’t function well or it is a faulty one this kind of issue will occur.

Question: Why is my JBL headphones LED light always blinking?

Answer:  The reason behind this issue is that your headphones are attempting to pair. It arises when something causes interference with the connection.


We have mentioned all about JBL headphones not turning on. Now you have the knowledge to fix it yourself.

Go ahead and fix your headphones yourself.

Thank you for being patient and staying with us till the end!