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Realtek Not Detecting Headset Mic: 4 Amazing Hacks

We know how important headsets are these days. With virtual classes and work, it has become essential. Therefore, a problem with the headsets can be a real nightmare.

Why is Realtek not detecting headset mic?

First, make sure the sound menu settings are enabled or not. Secondly, there might be a problem with the Windows update. Or your Realtek system basically muted your mic. At times even Realtek can block the mic.

Want to know the solutions to these problems? Then jump right in!

Why Is Realtek Not Detecting Headset Mic?

Your PC’s mic is undetected and you’re at your wit’s ends. Whatever the reason, fear not, it’s not something unsolvable. Now, let’s check out some of the solutions!

Check The Sound Menu

At times, your built-in mics are set to default. This can also block your headset mic. Thus Realtek might not detect it.


For this, you’ve to go to the Control Panel through Windows. Then click on hardware and sound and click on the sound option. 

A window will pop up. Go to the recording section and check for your mic. If you can see your mic, then right-click to show disabled devices,

If your mic was disabled for some reason, it’ll show up on the list. Then just right-click and enable your microphone. You can further set it to default device and you’ll be all set.

Windows 10 Update Problem

The recent Windows update might’ve messed up the settings of your headset. This is a common issue faced by many. Basically, the new update turns your microphone option off. 

Realtek can’t really detect it because of that. So, here’s how you can fix it!


First, click on the Windows button at the bottom left of your screen. Next, click on the Settings option and open privacy. On the left side of your screen, under app permission, click “microphone”.  

After that, select the change option and make sure it’s turned on. Then, you’ll have to turn on the “allow apps to access your microphone”. Afterward, check the list of apps below. There you can choose which apps are allowed to use your mic.

Then, you need to go to the “allow desktop app to access your microphone”. Now turn on that option.

Do these and you’ll be all set! 

Don’t Ignore The Pop-Ups

When you plug your headset in, you’ll see a pop-up on the screen. It’ll ask you “which device did you plug in?”. It sometimes asks for the purpose of the device. 

Don’t just cross it out, you need to check an option. Therefore, when a pop-up appears, make sure to do the following.


Here, you’ve to click the “mic” as an option when the tab pops up. That’ll make your computer understand what the plug-in is supposed to do. Thus, it’ll recognize the device as a mic.

This option will pop up again. But now, you’re going to have to select headphones. ISo that it recognizes the headphones as well.

Realtek Software Problem

Sometimes the default settings of Realtek Audio Console can be a reason for your mic to not work. Here too, your system can sometimes turn your mic off. 

This is similar to the problem with using apple headphones on PS4. To make the headset work, you need to change a few settings.


First, you have to go to the bottom left corner and select Windows. Then search the Realtek audio console and select it. This will open the Realtek control panel. 

After that, click on the microphone option. Then go to the recording volume option and unmute the mic. Also, turn the volume all the way up.

While you’re at it, head over to the device settings. There, make sure that the mic of apps you want to be turned on is on. Especially on the front panel! Make sure the audio in is set to mic in.

Next, go to the device advanced settings and click the recording device. Here you’ve to separate all input jacks as input devices. Then turn off the headset and switch the USB port to another one.

Finally, turn it on again and the problem should be solved.


Question: How do I connect my headphone/ mic to one jack?

Answer: On your computer, there are two ports. One is for headphones and another for a headset. Here on the headset jack if you connect your single jack, you can use it for both input and output. 

Question: How do I use a 3.5 mm mic on my PC?

Answer: Here you have to first plug the mic on the headphone jack. Then you’ll have to head over to settings and change your microphone settings.  Select the option to make the mic the audio input of the computer. 

Question: Should I plug my headset into my blue yeti?

Answer: Nope. You’ll have to plug your headset under the blue yeti. Then adjust the computer settings to input/output as required.


Finally, this comes to an end. Hope you know now how to solve your Realtek not detecting headset mic problem. 

We hope our hacks have finally fixed your issues.

Until next time, bye!