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How to Connect a JBL Speaker to TV [Answered]

We all want that theatre-level sound quality in our homes. And the normal TV volume rarely gives us that experience. Here’s where the JBL speaker comes to the rescue giving us a more clear sound at a higher volume. 

Technology is confusing and it can get tricky connecting a speaker to a computer. 

How to connect a JBL speaker to TV? 

We have given you 6 simple solutions to properly connect your JBL speaker to your TV. First, try the simple method which connects through Bluetooth. But if that doesn’t work out, try alternative solutions like using HDMI, optical cable, an aux input, and so on. See which one works best for you! 

You’ve got the gist but now it’s time to dive in to get the full details on how to do it properly. 

What are you waiting for? Get right into it!

6 Solutions to Connect JBL Speaker to Your TV

Don’t panic even if you can’t connect through Bluetooth. Because we have given you solutions on how to connect with wire and without wire. 

Also if you are familiar with how to connect JBL soundbar to TV then this should be a piece of cake!

Given below are 6 solutions for you:

Solution 1: Bluetooth

For your speaker to connect to your TV, Bluetooth is the first and most simple step. To use this method you must turn on the Bluetooth option of your speaker. And then proceed to turn on Bluetooth on your TV. 

Turn the TV on and go to the settings menu. And look for the Bluetooth option on your TV. Once you find it, go to other Bluetooth devices. Then add a Bluetooth device which is the speaker. 

Then wait for the TV to find the speaker. And once the name pops up select the name. And the two devices will be paired. 

And remember once you pair this device it will connect automatically the next time.

Also if you know how to connect a Vizio soundbar. The steps for this are similar. 

Solution 2: Using HDMI

Another way you can connect a JBL speaker to your TV is a jack 3.5 cable. Start by attaching your TV with the USB jack, make sure the 3.5 audio is linked to your speaker. In order to play movies or music on your TV, turn on both of your devices.

Solution 3: Optical Cable 

This option is super easy if your speaker has an optical port. Once the cable is in, just go to your TV’s audio settings and select the external speaker. 

If your speaker does not have the optical input you’ll need to create a bridge between the two devices. And a device called a digital to analog converter will act as a bridge for you.

These boxes have two sides. The input side has a port for your optical cable. And the output side has a variety of other ports to send out your converted audio. 

The ports can be RCA or aux. You can make your final connection to your speaker’s aux port or even RCA if that’s what your speakers have.  

An optical cable is another way you can connect your speaker to your TV. Before doing this check to see if your TV and JBL speakers are compatible with this format. 

Solution 4: Aux Input

To be able to use this method, you will need an aux cable that plugs in on both sides. The hole that you will put the aux cable in your TV will be labelled as; audio out, line out, or headphones. 

Once you’re connected you will hear the sound of TV through your speakers. If not, go to your TV’s audio settings and select external speakers.

What if your TV doesn’t have any external outputs? What you can do here is connect the speaker using a speaker wire to your TV. You will need a stereo for this process.

Look for the inputs that are labelled as aux in, audio in, or line in when you’re putting the wire in the stereo. 

Then as usual if you don’t hear sound go to the TV’s external speaker option. Also, note that if your stereo does not have an aux port then get an aux to RCA cable. Plug the aux end to your TV and RCA end to the amplifier. Most likely located at the back. 

You can also use this solution when your other portable speakers have RCA inputs.  

Solution 5: Bluetooth Adapter

This option will help you connect to your speaker wirelessly. Even if the TV’s built-in Bluetooth is not working directly, this option will let you connect through Bluetooth. 

A Bluetooth adapter is basically a device that lets you connect two devices at once. It is a pretty simple device and easy to use. 

First, power on the speaker and get it into Bluetooth pairing mode. You may do so by pressing and holding the Bluetooth button. Hold it until you hear a sound. 

Next, connect the adapter to a power outlet and get it into pairing mode as well. Keep the two devices close to one another until they connect. You’ll hear a sound on both the devices once connected. 

Finally, connect the adapter to your TV and make the necessary settings. And there you have it! 

For your convenience we have listed below wifi adapters that you will not regret spending your money on:


Don’t hesitate to get these adapters, it will make things so much easier for you. 

Solution 6: Connect Through Media Streamer

Connecting your streamer to your speaker will help you get volume directly from your speaker. 

Your television will serve as the primary audio transmitter for the JBL speaker, while the rest of the devices will be referred to as “secondary” devices. If the TV’s built-in Bluetooth doesn’t work for some reason, this alternative will suffice. 

If the solutions above don’t work you might need to reset the speaker. Which can be quite similar to resetting a JBL soundbar.


Question: Are all smart TVs supported by Bluetooth? 

Answer: Many current smart TV models include Bluetooth as standard equipment. There are Bluetooth capabilities in almost all of the smart TVs. Smart TVs can be “Bluetooth enabled” even if they don’t have Bluetooth by downloading an app from the TV manufacturer or if you use a Bluetooth transmitter.

Question: Is there any way I can cast my phone to TV without Chromecast? 

Answer: Yes, you can cast your phone without using Chromecast with your TV by  using a smart view, using screencast. You can also do it by screen mirroring your phone and by using an adapter called HDMI-to-Phone.

Question: Why is my speaker not making any sound?

Answer:  You may have a speaker that doesn’t work because of a loose connection.    Make sure the speaker wires are connected. Confirm that the wires situated on the back of your speaker are plugged into the correct socket. Ensure the connections are secure by reinserting them if necessary.


We hope now it is clear to you and you aren’t frustrated not knowing how to connect JBL speakers to TV. Even though it seems like such a complicated task. Because let’s be real technology is confusing. 

But, we’d like to think that we’ve made it easier for you. Follow the steps and get the theatre experience you want!